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Old Man Fenn's Treasure and other Hidden Clues

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Please provide your advertising copy and/or standard size banner advertisement at the time you make payment. After we receive your confirmed payment with your copy and/or standard size banner ad, we will post your advertisement upon an appropriate page or website along with expiration date. You may also provide us with the link or URL to your business site; then when people click on your ad they will go to your site. Thank you for your patronage. Contact: The Blaze for help or service.


Welcome to the Greatest Treasure Hunt of the Century!

Terry Lynch, Editor-in-Chief
Staff: Terry April Steph Larry Angel

Treasure North of Santa Fe, NM, Team Jersey
Attention treasure hunters! Don't forget your shirt! aka Treasure Map. If you are seeking Old Man Fenn's treasure it would be wise to get a map. Plus this is a great way to express your passion and let everyone know you are searching for Old Man Fenn's Treasure which is hidden somewhere north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Just go north, turn right at the Rockies and have at it! For your own safety The Blaze advises that you get a Treasure Map and stay tuned for more clues to come.
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The Tale of Old Man Fenn's Treasure

Forest Fenn was growing old and thought he was going to die. He gathered up a chest of treasures, estimated to be valued at up to $2-million, and hid for someone to find, leaving clues. If you want to find Old Man Fenn's treasure you would be wise to follow the clues. Don't forget your shirt! aka Treasure Map.. You may need it. Plus a field bag, sports bag, one, two, perhaps more than a few. Should you wish to find Old Man Fenn's treasure, you will need to follow the nine primary clues -- plus other clues you may find along the way, including those provided by The Blaze.

Our goal is to help you on your quest for treasure, be it vistas grand or hidden gold. We will be endeavoring to introduce you to some beautiful places and to provide education and information which may help insure your safe journey and return home without hurt, harm or loss of life. Already there have been others who have taken upon the quest for treasure in the wilderness at risk to life and limb. In fact, every year people are injured doing exactly that, stepping into the great outdoors unprepared for the adventure. We hope to provide education, information and resources which may take you there and back again, taking only pictures, leaving only footprints, no limbs or bodies lost for park rangers and emergency medical teams to rescue.

You don't have to take our word for it as we are late comers to The Quest. Many others have already been looking for Old Man Fen's Treasure. We recommend you read the article by Margie Goldsmith which carries the same title The Thrill of the Chase as Forrest Fenn's memoir.

Should anyone wish to contribute their suggestions or clues for us to pass along, send them to The Blaze. We would like you to send articles, reports and photographs of you looking for old man Fenn's treasure. Or you can post your photos/videos and send us a link to your website or Facebook page. We would like to share your travel adventure stories with others, so please be sure to let us know about your treasure hunting adventure.

In the mean time The Blaze will continue to research and pass along educational materials and information as well as inspirational clues and maps we develop along the way. For you see, it's as much about nature's wonders and the beauty, about living life for the experience that being close to nature brings, as it is about finding the gold. Indeed, there is gold in them there hills, but only one person may find Fenn's treasure. What everyone else upon the quest will find is perhaps much, much more valuable -- something of soul and enlightenment

The Blaze Greatest Treasure Hunt of the Century
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Nine Primary Clues

Forrest Fenn's nine primary clues were first self-published in his memoir, "Thrill of the Chase", which is being made available exclusively through Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which may be ordered on-line.

This book is the wonderful true story of Forrest Fenn's life and of a hidden treasure. Fenn says he secreted the treasure estimated by some to be worth up to $2-million, somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe. Fenn's book contains clues to the treasure's location. Readers are invited to join in "The Thrill of the Chase," to seek a chest of gold, gems and artifacts while experiencing the great outdoors.

Forrest Fenn is well known in Santa Fe where, after retiring from the Air Force in 1970, he built an art gallery. He and his wife ran the gallery for seventeen years. Since retiring again in 1988, Fenn's energies have been directed toward excavation of San Lazaro Pueblo and writing books about art and exploration. "Thrill of the Chase" or TOTC as it has come to be known by bloggers, is Old Man Fenn's eights book.

In his memoir, "The Thrill of the Chase," Fenn gives clues to where he hid a treasure chest which, with its contents, weighs some 42 pounds. The chest contains gold and precious gems believed to be worth up to $2-million (actual value may fluctuate and depend upon current rate of exchange for gold). Fenn has challenged everyone to seek his treasure in their experience of the great outdoors.

Some in the media and gossiping on-line have suggested that old man Fenn may have had ulterior motives for secreting his treasure. His home was invaded by Federal agents who took away some of his precious artifacts. Perhaps he was afraid they might return for more and wanted to be the master of his own estate and/or avoid the state or greedy and corrupt judges and lawyers taking power and control over his treasures should he ever become incapacitated. Hence old man's Fenn's clever solution may have been to bury or secret his treasure and in essence will it to someone like him who would go on an adventure to find the hidden chest. In fact, it has come to light that Old Man Fenn's nephew is a professional treasure hunter with expertise in underwater treasure hunting, search and recovery and other special skills that might lead him to Fenn's treasure. Who knows? Old Man Fenn's hidden treasure may be his way of passing along his treasure to his nephew as he says, "If you are brave and in the wood, I give you title to the gold." Whatever the case may be, old man Fenn is rapidly becoming a legend, someone people will be talking about long after he has departed this good earth.

Perhaps you will be the one to find old man Fenn's treasure. What do you think his nine primary clues mean? If you have any good ideas, please send them to The Blaze. We would like to know everyone's interpretation of Fenn's poem which is quoted below:

Where the Treasure Lies

By Forrest Fenn from "The Thrill of the Chase"

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    From there itís no place for the meek,
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    Thereíll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    If youíve been wise and found the blaze,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    Iíve done it tired, and now Iím weak.

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

What is inside the box?

What is inside the box? What exactly did Fenn put inside the chest?

Apparently an exact and accurate accounting has not been published. Only very vague listings of the treasure chest's contents have been released to the media and mentioned by those gossiping and blogging about Old Man Fenn's Treasure.

What we do know is that the antique chest cost a whopping $22,000! Then Old Man Fenn filled it to the brim with golden coins, large golden nuggets, jewels, gems and even artifacts. When he was done stuffing as much as could be fitted into the chest it weighted approximately 42 pounds. That's a nice present for Old Man Fenn to be giving to someone he has never met. Perhaps this is a clue

Not sure what the lady from Texas was thinking, hiking seven miles into the forrest, getting lost looking for the box. Did she even know Old Man Fenn has said you don't need to go anywhere an 80 yearl old man could not go? Perhaps that is one of the best clues yet. Watch the Good Morning America report below to see if you can pic up any more clues. Seems almost like Old Man Fenn is saying it is in New Mexico close to home where he can keep his eyes on it. What do you think?

Watch the GMA report of Old Man Fenn as he talks to reporters about the treasure he hid somewhere north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Do you think you may know where it is? Send your Lat./Long. coordinates to The Blaze and we will do an analysis of the probability that the box may be there for $30.00 a pop! This could save you a bundle of time, effort and money -- maybe even your life!

I've come to the conclusion that Old Man Fenn wants his treasure to be found by someone who is much like him. That's the reason for secreting the chest and challenging everyone to go out and try to find it. His purpose is to inspire everyone to enjoy "The Thrill of the Chase," the quest for a great and glorious treasure. But its not the value of the chest and all its contents that he wants you to find. What he wants you to discover is LIFE! Is getting out among the great outdoors and LIVING YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST!

When I realized how great a gift this was which Old Man Fenn was leaving humanity, I was compelled to write and thank him through the open letter below. I wanted to also share my thoughts with everyone who is on THE QUEST, hoping they will come to be motivated to venture forth into the great outdoors, not just in search for Old Man Fenn's treasure chest, but ever aware and knowing there is so much more to find. There is TREASURES OF THE HEART!

So stop worrying about what's inside the box! That is why Fenn did not make or issue an accurate and precise accounting or estimate of its value. He could have done that if he felt it was important. But the whole point is that it is NOT important! His act of giving it away demonstrated that fact! What is important is TREASURES OF THE HEART!

So stop worrying about what is in the box! Look instead for TREASURES OF THE HEART! Good luck and God speed to everyone who joins THE QUEST. I wish you a saft journey there and back again. I hope everyone finds what Old Man Fenn wants them to find. And it is not gold, but LIFE!

22 March 2013


Dear Mr. Fenn,

When I say "Old Man Fenn," this is said with dignity and respect for you as a gentleman, for someone who has experienced much in life, has a generous and kind heart, and the wisdom which comes only with such age. I am using this in the context of a wise man who is a good Samaritan. You are giving everyone a present in the form of a treasure hunt and an adventure in the great outdoors. I respect you for your efforts to support the Arts and promotion of outdoor adventure, travel and being close to nature. Thank you for "The Thrill of the Chase."

I say this as a Naturalist and a photographer, one who cherishes those values. So when I say "Old Man Fenn" it is because I want to contribute to the legend, that no matter what anyone else comes to think of you, to me you are a pretty good fellow and a damn good treasure hunter!

My only regret in this context is that I won't probably ever get out to Santa Fe to meet you and shake your hand, to share some of my own tales with you and see those wonderful American Indian artifacts you have collected over the years which grace you home. This is because you will probably be gone before I have the time and means to make my own quest to meet and shake your hand.

So I will just shake your hand instead by saying:

Thank you for giving everyone this great opportunity to explore nature and the great outdoors. If I could, I'd love to shake your hand and pin a medal on you much like those Presidential honors that are given to citizens who do good and humanitarian work. You certainly have earned it. Sorry we could not meet.

But should you ever read this, please know that my Dad was a soldier too, and that you and he were alike in some ways, as he collected antiques and loved Hemingway too. He was quite distressed when Hemingway died in the way he did and was quite confused by how and why that happened. So I hope and pray that when your end time comes, it will be peaceful and cause no distress to anyone, especially those you love who love you too.

God works in mysterious ways and we never know what tomorrow might bring. One thing I do know for certain is, that your treasure will bring others to have some very wonderful experiences which may change their lives for the better forever! That's something of great value in and of itself. It is probably going to be of much more value than whatever is the worth of your chest.

This is true for as you have already said and know, you can't take it with you, even if you own the greatest vault of treasure in the world! But what you can take with you is the knowing that you have forever made a difference in many people's lives and given them something to hope and dream about, something which will change for the better many people's lives forever. That is not something many people can probably say.

Plus you did it in a very classy fashion, secreting that treasure chest away and crafting such a wonderful metaphoric tale for people everywhere to puzzle over. You even have encouraged me to want to read your book and take up the challenge to find the treasure.

But I've actually already been on The Quest, just like you, for much of my life. So any further quest I make will probably be just in the telling of my own life story, which you have encouraged me to do. And I'm going to make it about searching for treasure, grand and galore, entitling it THE QUEST. And like in your book, "Thrill of the Chase," the treasure I will be emphasizing will be the experiences, the love, beauty, wonder, joy and what memories you make so cherished that you want to share them with the world.

Thus let me shake your hand, Mr. Fenn. Congratulations on a work well done and a life well lived!

In kind regard,

Terry Lynch.
22 March, 2013

Readers may send their replies for consideration and/or publication to The Blaze We reserve the right to edit all Letters to the Editor for space and/or content. Please do NOT submit any letters that may be inappropriate for reading by a general family audience, libelous or defamatory in any way whatsoever for YOU will be responsible. Plus we won't print them anyway unless they shine of a bright light and sparkle and glitter like gold or a brilliant sunset upon the canyons down below. Yes, I've seen them too and know exactly what you are talking about as I've been there, done that and a lot more. Plus I was there with my camera and cameras capture and keep memories which help remind one of what they saw and who was there to see it too. :-)

Nominate Forest Fenn for The President's Citizens Medal

After writing the above letter I decided to do just that and nominated Mr. Fenn for The President's Citizens Medal. I am asking that everyone else please do the same. For 2013 nominations must be in by March 31, 2013. Of course there is always next year.

Should you wonder Old Man Fenn is the ONLY one I have ever nominated for this medal. Why? Well I have my reasons. One is that he was a soldier. Two is that in some ways he reminds me of my own dear father, Lt. Col. Leonard P. Lynch who was a soldier too. And Three is because he believes real treasures are more than just the kind you dig up from the ground or find out there searching around for artifacts. Real treasures of TREASURES OF THE HEART. I know Fenn knows that and that is why he is showing it by giving away his chest of gold, gems and artifacts to someone with BOTH the imagination and knowledge to find it.

I therefore am asking everyone who has been inspired by Old Man Fenn to please nominate him for The President's Citizens Medal. Mr. Fenn has done a lot of good work for many people and his book "Thrill of the Chase" is going to continue to inspire people to join The Quest and seek treasures grand and glorious in the great outdoors for years to come. That's a gift given by a wise man to everyone. So please join in the nomination of Mr. Fenn for The President's Citizens Medal


Psychological Profile of an art dealer and collector

Here are some clues about Fenn's life and related logic and facts which may help you in your search for his hidden treasure:

Treasure Hide 'n' Seek! Don't forget your shirt!
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ADDENDUM: CLUE #10: Fenn appeared on the TODAY SHOW March 1, 2013 and said that the treasure chest of gold and gems worth up to $2-million dollars was secreted away at a location which is at or over 5,000 feet in elevation, and implied people should only look where an elderly gentleman might be able to carry such a hefty load. So you can stop looking in the low lands. As for how far an 80-year old man might be able to pack a treasure chest, who knows? You could make several trips with small packs of gold, then put them in the chest. Fenn's a clever and tricky old chap. He may not want his treasure quickly found. He may want to die first that time be given for The Legend of Old Man Fenn to grow. So we might be best off not asking for anymore clues from Fenn who is getting older by the day as it could just confuse the issue. And God forbid Alzheimer's disease or dementia should set in he might forget altogether where he hid the chest and babble anything. "Oh that, I put it with the bats!"

Clue # 11: Fenn made a second appearance on the TODAY SHOW and gave another clue: "No need to dig up the old outhouses, the treasure is not associated with any structure." Debate began immediately on-line as to what this may mean in context as to where Old Man Fenn's treasure is secreted. Some say it means exactly that, that the treasure is no inside an old outhouse. Others say it has a more broad implication such that the treasure is not secreted near any man made structures such as roads, bridges, park signs, buildings, etc. Others wonder if this clue refers to only where the treasure is secreted or does this relate to the interpretation of ALL PREVIOUS CLUES? In the final analysis, why knows?

All of Old Man Fenn's clues are extremely vague and have as many interruption as there are people reading his book and associated poem. This is why THE BLAZE has produced the TALgorithm to mathematically calculate the recovery probability of the treasure at any Lat./Long. location. The TALgorithm is a tool that can save everyone who is looking for Old Man Fenn's treasure time and money by contributing to their safety. It is highly recommended that you let THE BLAZE run the TALgorithm on you favorite site before you waist hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars looking all over creation in the wrong place or one that only has a low degree of probability of recovery.

I Put It With The Bats!
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The Blaze may provide updates and a more in depth psychological profile, logical clues, and keys over time. Please bookmark The Blaze so you can return often. If you have clues you would to share, please do. However, please do NOT spam us with emails asking what we may have learned or come to gleam. We will post what we know on this site which is The Blaze. We may also sponsor trips, expeditions or other treasure hunts providing professional guides, teachers, photographers, artists or others who may lead workshops, present lectures or otherwise share their knowledge. Through these and other endeavors we hope to provide everyone with a safe and secure treasure hunting experience, even if for most it may just be a virtual experince. Hence do not hesitate to visit The Red Moon Rises and dream and imagine of treasures just over the horizon.

Blaze Investments
There is gold in them thar hills. Get your stake in the recovery of Old Man Fenn's Treasure today!

Blaze Investments is seeking sponsors for treasure hunters and expeditions to explore most promising sites for Fenn's Treasures. If you cannot go on the hunt, you can still share and profit. We are seeking the following level of sponsors: Bronze @ $250.00 earn 10% return on investment; Silver @ $500.00 earn 15% return on investment and Gold @ $1,000.00 earn 20% return on investment. All returns are contengent upon recovery of Fenn's Treasure and its liquidation at current gold rates upon date of cashing in the gold.

All you have to do to share in the treasure is put your name in the pot by using PayPal to make an investment. Please make your investment as soon as possible. All funds will be used organize and sponsor treasure hunting trips to HIGH PROBABLE RECOVERY AREAS in the western Unites States in the areas north of Santa Fe, New Mexico (as determined by drawing a line east to west through the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico) and the Rocky Mountain region.

If you are able to invest more than $1,000.00 we will consider paying you a higher rate on your return. For example, if someone invests $10,000.00 we might pay 25% such that if and when we discover Fenn's Treasure you would receive back your $10,000.00 PLUS $2,500.00 for a total of $12,500.00. If someone else finds the treasure we will return all funds not already spent upon our own expeditions and sponsored field trips and expeditions and/or donate the funds to cancer research or our favorite good cause, GSDAR.

Also should THE BLAZE recover Old Man Fenn's Treasure, we plan to donate a significant amount of the liquidated asset to cancer research and/or GSDAR. In other words, we will use the treasure for a good cause. Who knows, we might even start another treasure hunt to keep the spirit of Old Man Fenn's Treasure and quest for discovery and experience of the great outdoors alive. In other words, we will endeavor to "Pay-it-Forward." and be a Good Samaritan.

Please help! We have some very good leads to HIGH PROBABLE RECOVERY AREAS but we need investors to check them out. In fact we are seeking a corporate sponsor to immediately invest $50,000.00 to $100,000.00 to fund an expedition. This may be any company or individual but a great sponsor would be a company like Patagonia or REI which markets outdoor gear and would benefit from our using their products on the quest. Also a top metal detector company would make a great sponsor as might an major auto dealer. [Hint: sponsor us now and we will replace this link with that or your site or business and/or put your banner ad on this page. Attention auto dealers. Note how this link works. Wouldn't you like it to go to your site?] In fact, we would love a dealer to donate a van, pick-up truck, jeep or other vehicle to use in return for advertising. This could be a win-win situation for sponsors as the response commercials related to the treasure hunt would generate may be tremendous. This has already been demonstrated by what happened when Old Man Fenn went on the TODAY SHOW. His book sold out almost over night!

We would like to thank sponsors and investors in advance for your consideration and generous contributions. We can promise you will get a very good return on your sponsorship just through the attention this will bring to your company or product. We will be posting updates, reports, articles and/or related information on The Blaze (this site) so stay tuned!

To stake your claim to part of Old Man Fenn's Treasure just click on the PayPal button below and invest in the quest.

The Blaze Investments

Everyone is invited to join in the thrill of the chase by making an investment in The Blaze. When you join through making an investment, please be sure to provide your contact information. Thank you for your helping to support this great and worthy cause!

In the News

Some have described Forrest Fenn as a genius when it comes to marketing. Certainly he has created much interest in "The Thrill of the Chase" which is a self-published book promoted through the hiding of a treasure somewhere north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. That's a pretty big spread; searching it could put people's lives at risks. Of course you put your life at risk just crossing a busy street or driving down the Interstate -- which you might have to do to get from your home to unknown points on the map in search of Fenn's treasure. Even NBC and the Today Show have interviewed Fenn about his treasure. You might find clues by watching these interviews.

Treasure Hunter attacked by Facebook Dung Bug!

DUNG BUG ALERT! There is a DUNG BUG on Facebook. Recently The Blaze posted an innocent comment with links on the TOTC Facebook page. Images of Mr. Fenn automatically appeared on Facebook. The Blaze did NOT post these images. The Blaze will never knowingly infringe on the intellectual property rights of Mr. Fenn.

The TODAY show interview cited below was made by NBC or their affiliates which is a news agency that operates under the First Amendment of the US Constitution with respect to freedom of speech, press and religion. The Blaze is also an online publication which is protected by the First Amendment. Also The Blaze did not know Mr. Fenn's treasure chest was not in the public domain as it is posted all over the Internet with links back to the Collected Works Bookstore to help market Mr. Fenn's book.

Forrest Fenn on Today Show Feb. 2013

We see no reason why Mr. Fenn or his associates would object to such link backs using the treasure chest, as that helps sell books. In fact, it was after the birth of The Blaze and the TODAY show interview that book sales went through the roof.

The Blaze is a new publication; we only learned about TOTC after the woman from Texas got lost in National Forest surrounding Bandilier National Monument, an area we have been to and know quite well with respect to safety and survival issues. Hence The Blaze was born out of a near life and death experience as an independent publication to educate and inform the public about safety and survival issues which is our primary goal.

The Blaze is not supported, associated with or endorsed by Mr. Fenn. However, The Blaze has accepted Mr. Fenn's challenge to find his hidden treasure and thus educate and inform everyone searching for the treasure how to do so safely and securely that risk of accident, injury or death may be reduced and hopefully prevented in the future. We are doing this through example and biographical presentation in the same way that Mr. Fenn has told his wonderful tale, given our deep experience as a Naturalist and photographer of America's treasures and natural wonders.

However, The Blaze cannot do anything about the Facebook DUNG BUG. The Blaze is NOT responsible for any damages done by the Facebook DUNG BUG. We did NOT produce the Facebook DUNG BUG. We have no way to exterminate the Facebook DUNG BUG. The Facebook dung bug was on the TOTC site when we arrived. We are a long-time user of Facebook and the Facebook DUNG BUG did not appear until we visited the TOTC Facebook page and that is the first mention or dealing we have had with the Facebook DUNG BUG. Therefore it is inaccurate and irresponsible for treasure hunters motivated primarily by money to be cyber bashing and cyber bullying The Blaze or anyone else who is new to the TOTC Facebook page because of the Facebook DUNG BUG.

This is just one more discovery The Blaze has made that illustrates the point that novice treasure hunters and Internet users, some of who may be greedy and corrupt coveting the treasure all for themselves, are more concerned about finding the treasure than they are about really helping people to keep safe, to use the buddy system, to equip themselves properly and be properly trained and educated in survival and safety.

Yes, The Blaze may have discovered the Facebook DUNG BUG or been introduced to it by treasure hunters trying to defame others who have entered anew upon the quest, but The Blaze did not engineer it or have any responsibility for how it operates to manipulate images or if it is a Trojan, virus or God only knows what, as some treasure hunters have implied. It is a false and libelous accusation to infer or imply that The Blaze or our website host and server is somehow infected with the Facebook DUNG BUG and that others should shy away or disassociate themselves with The Blaze. That is an issue treasure hunters need to take up with Facebook. In fact The Blaze is on a secure server and safer to use than Facebook which has all sorts of privacy and other faulty programming issues.

If other treasure hunters are making such wild and frivolous accusation to discredit The Blaze or other good and honest people who are "newbies" to the quest, or are otherwise steering them into dangerous situations, The Blaze will not hesitate to inform the appropriate law enforcement agencies and provide them with any information The Blaze has gathered in this respect.

This said, if anyone has any problems or issues with The Blaze, please let us know and address us directly and politely in a civil manner. We will take immediate action to make any corrections just as we have in the case of the Facebook DUNG BUG attack. Thank you for your consideration. We don't have the foggiest idea why Facebook has a DUNG BUG!

Get Yourself A Good Attorney

The satrical design below was made after the Facebook DUNG BUG appeared and threats were made or implied to The Blaze who had done nothing wrong.

"Get Yourself A Good Attorney" Men's Sweatshirt

This is another great clue. Click to see more items like this. This clue is for everyone who feels like they may want to sue someone after after traipsing through the mountains, getting chased by bears, almost freezing to death, dying of sun stroke, heat exhaustion, or getting lost in the middle of no where, wherever that is.

Who knows? Perhaps this is the best clue yet. For why would a man who already lost everything and has no money need an attorney unless a rich man or his associates plan to get richer by taking more from everyone who has nothing? Makes one wonder about those who cry "hoax" or "scam" and pondering as the cash register rings up and 20,000 books fly off the shelf at $35.00 bucks a pop! Yes, makes one wonder.

Oh, and did we mention that Old Man Fenn has seven other books that are probably sold by the same book store. Plus they benefit from all the publicity and shoppers who come into their store wanting Fenn's book, finding it gone, so buying another. But, we don't have a problem with that. This is AMERICA! Fenn's books are Made In America and mean jobs for Americans. So what's the huff? Click to go shopping for more great treasures and other stuff!

More Video Clues

See if you can find more clues in these video. If all this hype and lark seems a bit confusing, we suggest you go back to START and begin anew "Where warm waters halt." OMG! Is this turning into a Monopoly game?

Old Man Fenn's Book Sales Skyrocket!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Click on pic to read full storyFenn's memoir containing treasure-hunt clues sells out -- According to Eun Kyung Kim, after appearing on the TODAY SHOW Forrest Fenn sold 25 books per minute of his memoir, "Thrill of the Chase." Collected Works completely sold out of the original 5,000 copies that had been ordered. An additional 15,000 copies have been ordered and will hopefully be available in a few weeks.

Looks like there will be a lot of treasure hunters venturing into the great outdoors come spring and summer of 2013. The Blaze hopes they will take care to plan treasure hunting trips carefully so that they may travel safely to and from their destinations.

We are also hoping to be able to organize and sponsor a trip to those points and site which show HIGHEST PROBABLE RECOVERY PROSPECTS as revealed through a scientific analysis of clues using logic and personality profiling combined with a deep knowledge of the southwestern United States and Rocky Mountain region, remote sensing, knowledge of physiography and truthing. For those of you who don't know anything about the latest advances in science and technology, "truthing" is the process of collecting specimens of rocks, minerals and vegitable materials in the field. These are then returned to the laboratory and identified by specialists. Then an analysis is made using remote sensing or "spy satellite or drone technology" to determine how these identified specimens are imaged. This is then used in cartography to map large areas as in mining, agriculture, etc. A member of the US Army Corps of Engineers once said my work in this respect was the best he had ever seen and these guys were mining for BILLIONS in treasure which I helped them find! So you would be wise to find The Blaze and sponsor us if you want a piece of the pie. By the way, that is probably why Fenn is so up on pie. All he is saying is you better be wise and find The Blaze if you want a piece of the pie. :-)

The Blaze is currently seeking investors and sponsors and also will raise funds through its own efforts to share clues derived from this approach with everyone such that all may have an equal chance at finding Fenn's hidden treasure, reducing risk to a minimum while greatly increasing the probability that the treasure may be recovered. Safety should be a primary concern when hunting because on the TODAY SHOW Fenn revealed a new clue, that the treasure is hidden above 5,000 feet. That high elevation, perhaps as high as 14,000 feet or more. People who now will be trekking to mountain tops may be at serious risk of injury if they are not properly educated and prepared.

Please people, if you are going into the mountains or bear country, dress properly and for God sake wear a good pair of hiking shoes or boots with treads on the soles so you won't slip and fall and break you ass! Once when I was at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon a young lady wearing flip-flops slipped and fell off a ledge. She was lucky, only broke a few bones. The rangers rescued her and rushed her away in an ambulance. So be aware that you can get hurt on slippery rocks just by falling. And please don't wear flip-flops! If you are alone and slip, fall or get injured in the back country, that could be fatal -- the last mistake you will ever make! Just talk to a park ranger at the Grand Canyon or in Yellowstone about how many rescues they have made.

Then there was the fellow that got eaten by the grizzly while camping/fishing east of Yellowstone along the North Fork of the Shoshone River a few years ago. Idiot probably was stalking the bear asking it to pose for a picture! Plus newbies to the park get chased and gored by the bison all the time. When I worked in Yellowstone we would hear quite frequently of tourist coming from everywhere and getting hurt or injured. So please don't go jumping into some boiling hot springs along the Firehole or off a cliff as I've seen other drunk and foolish people do. You could end up dead! Oh and by the way, while hot potting along the Yellowstone, I once saw a huge, beautiful black and yellow diamond back rattle snake under a rock that some girls were sitting on not even aware that it was creeping up on them. "Hello! Umm ... excuse me, but did you know there is a rattler under that rock?" They were screaming all the way back to Mammoth!

The Blaze hopes to provide more educational resources, information, and advice to keep everyone safe in their quest for treasure at high elevations and in the great outdoors where there may be dangers from falling, hypothermia, drinking impure water, snake bites, and EVIL PEOPLE who might rape, rob or otherwise hurt or harm you, etc. In fact, encounters with people who may wish you harm or want to steal everything they can from your car, truck, van or person are really one of the biggest threats to traveling alone. It is NOT very smart, especially for females. The Blaze will be endeavoring cover this topic in greater detail. But we need your help and support. So please, if anyone is concerned about these issues and wants to help, you are encouraged to support our efforts.

Fenn advises treasure hunters to not go where he would not go.

ABC News reports on treasure seeker lost in Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico, near Bandilier National Monument. In response Fenn advises treasure hunters to not go anywhere that he could not go carrying a 42 pound box.

The only problem with that is that Fenn is a very experienced man, having done duty in time of war and who has adventured far and wide with a deep knowledge of the southwest and his home state of New Mexico.

The Blaze believes that a more safe and secure approach is to plan and organize treasure hunting trips with experienced guides based upon knowledge and experience who are ready for any emergency so as to reduce risks and insure a safe travel experience. Anyone who agrees is urged to help support our efforts as this may prevent accidents, injuries and even save lives!

Above all, keep safe. The Blaze has produced Safe Trailblazing Tips: Basic Safety Rules & Gear for Hikers and Treasure Hunters which is FREE for anyone who plans to join The Quest: Searching for Treasure Grand and Galore! which is a memoirs Terry Lynch is writing inpired by Old Man Fenn's TOTC memoir. Lynch, who is a Naturalist and Photographer has quite a bit of traveling throughout the Rocky Mountain States and southwestern USA, not looking for gold, but in quest of grand vistas and glorious sunsets. Lynch, who is also Editor-in-Chief of The Blaze hopes that by sharing is knowledge and experience of basice safety and survival, he will save a few lives and prevent accident or injury to those who go looking all over God's creation just for gold.

Additional Resources

Interest in Old Man Finn's Treasure is growing at an alarming rate. His book sales are soaring. In the last month, March 2013, he has received over 9,000 emails. Some 15,000 additional copies of his book TOTC have been ordered. No doubt when they are gone even more will be printed. Now he is doing more interviews for the TODAY Show and other networks and their affiliates. The Associated Press has even gotten the treasure hunting bug with Yahoo sending out its reporters to see what they can pry from Old Man Fenn's mind. It has even been suggested people are following him when he leaves his home, to see if he will lead them to the treasure. Others have suggested that his vehicle may have been bugged with a tracker. There is even a possibility the Feds. and/or other law enforcement agencies have not really closed their investigation and are even stalking treasure hunters on Facebook and other websites to see if they can entrap them or nab the treasure as soon as anyone finds it. In a recent interview a Park Ranger suggested that if found in a National Park, monument or forest, Old Man Fenn's treasure would below to the Forest Service. This has caused alarm and it has even been alleged that the Feds may be bugging treasure hunger vehicles during the dead of night to track vehicles as they go on The Quest. Is this true or just another rumor? Who knows? One thing is for sure, the lust for gold is stirring up interest, boosting tourism in Santa Fe, and Old Man Fenn is selling a lot of books. But will anyone ever find the treasure? Who knows? Check back we will keep you updated and be adding more clues and links over time. Don't forget, if you want to find the treasure, it is wise to find The Blaze.

More Clues

Courtesy of The Blaze

I Survived The Quest

Did you survive The Quest for Old Man Fenn's Treasure? Let everyone know you are a survivor with these beautiful grizzly bear design set upon Navajo pattern created using music algorithm features humorous slogan, "I Survived The Quest Got Bear Claw Scars On My Butt To Prove It!" Special edition for all treasure hunters searching for Old Man Fenn's gold who have looked where warm waters halt, in the canyon down, been wise and found the blaze, only to end up without a clue, thousands of dollars in debt, their butts symbolically scared by a grizzly bear. This is a great way to let everyone know you have been on the Quest! Enjoy! God speed! And good luck on The Quest Searching for Treasure Grand and Galore!

Treasure Home of the Brown.
"I Survived The Quest Got Bear Claw Scars On My Butt To Prove It!"
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Treasure Santa Fe, NM
"I Survived The Quest Got Bear Claw Scars On My Butt To Prove It!
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Treasure Hunter's Emporiums

Attention treasure seekers! To find Old Man Fenn's treasure you must go to where he has been. There are clues upon the rocks and in the sky. Where the Red Moon Rises you will find clues to that which you seek. It is not a place for the meek. Who knows where others may lie? Don't forget your shirt!

It is recommended that you take a compass and a map upon your quest. Plus don't forget your shirt! Every good treasure hunter's and hiker's kit should also include a water bottle and field bag. Plus a packed lunch (granola bar or bag of fruit and nuts will do too). Though hidden well it's not too far, depending of course, from where you begin. You will find much of what you need below.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Red Moon Start Here
Women's Dark Long Sleeve Shirt
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Santa Fe, New Mexico Red Moon Start Here
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

We recommend that everyone who is upon the Old Man Fenn's treasure quest wear a Red Moon shirt so you can recognize one another. You may benefit from sharing what you know. Or maybe not.

Red Moon at Shiprock, NM. It's a must have for all treasure hunters.
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Red Moon at Shiprock, NM. It's a must have for all treasure hunters.
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Red Moon at Shiprock, NM. It's a must have for all treasure hunters.
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You will need a map to seek and find great treasures.
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Your treasure hunting kit would be wise to include a Duffle Bag
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Moab, UT, Delicate Arch Rising Red Moon Good Luck Water Bottle
Take no less than a liter of water on your quest; more if necessary.
It may be hot or cold for though I know where treasure lies,
none can guess where others may go.
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Yellowstone Good Luck Water Bottle
A water bottle or two on your trek should do.
Take enough to quench your thirst that you may return home safely,
with or without the treasures,
for its the thrill of the chase that really matters most,
and its worth naught if you leave your bones in the desert or wilderness seeking mine.
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Treasure Hide 'n' Seek! Don't forget your shirt! Women are invited to join the search.
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Treasure Hide 'n' Seek! Hoodie. Don't forget your shirt!
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Go West To Join The Quest
Don't forget your shirt! You may need it to keep warm. Then too, there are the clues.
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Seattle, WA Where Not To Seek
Don't forget your shirt! You may need it to keep warm. Then too, there are the clues.
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

North of the Border
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Watch Tower Red Moon on the Horizon
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Find Your Treasure
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

The Blaze Time & Place
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Take the High Road
At 14,264 feet, Mt. Evans is the highest motor road in tne USA; hence it may be "where warm waters halt" as they would be forzen.
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Moab, Utah Tote Bag
Keep organized on your travels and quest with this large Moab, Utah tote bag
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Inspirational Treasure Maps

You should always have a Treasure Map when looking for hidden or lost treasure. Why? Because a map insures you won't get lost and will get there and back again. All our Inspirational Treasure Maps are produced by a professional cartographer with knowledge of all the clues related to Fenn's treasure. They may serve as a guide and inspire you to travel and adventure to wonderful places you might never think to go. We can not promise that our Inspirational Treasure Maps will lead you to Fenn's treasure, but we can promise grand vistas and experiences you will remembers for a lifetime. Who knows. Perhaps you will be the one who looks in the right directions, under or behind this or that rock. Maybe you will spot a clue that no one else sees, a blaze that marks to way or spot to hidden treasure. We hope our original Inspirational Treasure Maps which you can wear or come imprinted upon water bottles, field bags, tote bags and other items, will spark interest in the quest and aid you in your discovery of some of Mother Nature's greatest treasures.

X Marks The Spot.

If you are searching for Old Man Fenn's Treasure and "where warm waters halt," get this treasure map. It has a VERY IMPORTANT clue.
Click to go shopping for more great treasures.
Remember, if you were wise and found THE BLAZE then the treasure will be your's to claim!

X Marks The Spot
Don't forget your shirt aka Treasure Map
All is not always what it seems
The Quest continues.
Don't believe everything you hear
This is but one more riddle.
Not the one on the shirt
This one you need too
And another too.
Click to go shopping for more great treasures maps now!

More Inspirational Treasure Maps will be posted in the future so please check back soon. The Blaze also recommend that if you venture into wilderness or unknown areas you take a topographical map and research well the area you intend to explore. Be sure to dress properly for the weather, always carry a day pack or field bag that is properly equiped and use the buddy system to insure you safety. God speed and we wish all a safe journey!

X Marks The Spot Womens Green T-shirt
Somewhere North of Santa Fe at the Sands of Time
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Treasure Map
Attention treasure hunters! Don't forget your shirt! aka Treasure Map. If you are seeking Old Man Fenn's treasure it would be wise to get a map. Plus this is a great way to let everyone know you are searching for Old Man Fenn's Treasure which is hidden somewhere north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Just go north, turn right at the Rockies and have at it! For your own safety The Blaze advises that you get a Treasure Map and stay tuned for more clues to come.
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

How Smart Are You?

Click on pyramid to read this article

Click on pyramid to read this article.

A 9-level pyramid riddle is almost impossible to solve because at each level you must make the correct choice or guess. Then what makes it absolutely approach an impossible solution is that if you do not start at the right place to begin with, all of your guesses, even if correct, will not lead you to the treasure. The fact that a nine level riddle, or a poem with NINE CLUES was chosen, indicates that the maker of the riddle probably knew quite well that the probability of solving such a riddle was almost impossible, and indeed would approach the very improbably should one not begin at the proper location. Hence one may conclude that they are not likely to be able to solve such a riddle by merely guessing at each level, and certainly not without the aid of an algorithm to at least make it reasonably probably they are searching in an area of high probability or recovery; i.e, the TALgorithm.

HOW SMART ARE YOU? What are the odds that you will find the treasure chest hidden somewhere north of Santa Fe, NM? The poem of clues is a nine level riddle. Do you know what the odds of winning are when you play a nine level riddle game? It is quite astronomical that you will NOT win the game! Talk about a stacked deck! Why the odds are so against you, that a million, million people could play the game and no one ever win in a thousand, thousand year! Especially if you do not start at the right place. Learn more by reading the whole article Home of Brown and Other Clues & Treasure Hunting Tips: How Smart are You: 9-level Riddles?

Beat Cancer & Keep Safe!

Everyone who is joining the quest for treasure hidden in the great southwest should keep safe. That means wearing the proper clothing, keeping warm and hydrated. Three of the most important things to take along on your quest are: (1) A warm sweatshirt or hoodie; (2) Plenty of water; and (3) A field bag stocked with such items as a compass, maps, granola or chocolate bars (or Zip-lock bag with trail mix containing dried fruit, nuts and cereal), matches, a whistle, first aid kit, emergency reflective blanket, Swiss-Army knife (or other good pocket knife), sun tan lotion with high level sunblock, chap stick (small tube of petrolium jelly (Vasaline) to prevent lip chapping especially in the hot, dry desert, a cap or hat, and any other special items you may want or need, like prescription medicines, sunglasses, folding walking stick, and of course a copy of Forrest Fenn's "The Thrill of the Chase" to read along the way. Well, this may be more than three items, but the point is, you can put them all in a Beat Cancer field or tote bag. You will increase the odds of your coming home safe without illness or injury, if you equip yourself with a recommended field bag like the one suggested here. Please see Safe Trailblazing Tips: Basic Safety Rules & Gear for Hikers and Treasure Hunters for a complete list of safety rules and day hiking gear.

Beat Cancer Live! Love! Win!
We are asking everyone to please purchase Beat Cancer gifts & apparel.
There are three things you should not be without on your quest for treasure: A warm sweatshirt or hoodie; a water bottle; and a field bag. You can get them all here. Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Beat Cancer! Live! Love! Win! Field Bag.
Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Beat Cancer! Live! Love! Win! Large Thermos Bottle
Keep warm with a hot drink while on your quest for treasure.
Please keep safe while searching for treasure. Take along a Beat Cancer thermos with you favorite hot chocolate or other drink. It will keep you warm and your spirits up while looking for the Blaze! Click to go shopping for more great treasures

Check back latter for more new T-shirts and hidden clues. And don't forget to visit The House of Brown aka Bear Country. You will be greatly rewarded for your efforts and patronage!

Click on pic to read complete article

Terry Lynch, Editor-in-Chief of The Blaze is a Naturalist and photographer most noted for his pioneering studies of fireflies and other insects. Lynch first became interested in the treasure hidden by Forrest Fenn after a lady from Texas got lost in the forest around Bandilier National Monument. This resulted in Search and Rescue teams being called up to look for the woman as temperatures dropped below freezing overnight. Lynch decided to try to prevent future expensive S&R operations and hurt, harm or loss of life to treasure hunters by providing a comprehensive resource, The Blaze, where everyone could get reliable information about the treasure hunt. This prompted Lynch to write Safe Trailblazing Tips: Basic Safety Rules & Gear for Hikers and Treasure Hunters. After realizing that many treasure hunters were being conned, coerced and otherwise swindled by greedy and unethical on-line schemers and scammers, Lynch produced the Treasure Hunters Agreement which is a simple legal agreement everyone can make to form teams; hence, using the Buddy System and Teams, people can have a more rewarding, enjoyable, safe, fair and fun treasure hunting experience. As editor-in-chief of The Blaze Lynch will continue to provide a level playing field for all treasure hunters by maintaining a complete list of clues PLUS a psychological profile and algorithm which can be used to determine the probability of recovery of the treasure and hence save time, money and effort for anyone wishing to avail themselves of the TALgorithm. Click to read more about Lynch

Affiliates and Sponsors

Tit for Tat!

Attention treasure hunters! If you find Old Man Fenn's treasure using any clues, maps, photographs, profiles or other information found in The Blaze, we ask you to please give 15% or $150,000.00 to GSDAR, a non-profit organization working to save the lives of homeless animals and educate and inform people about the humane treatment of animals. Thank you for your generosity!

Click to make a donation now
Click on Lynch Heart to donate any amount to RECOVERY efforts!
The Lynch Family lost its home and much property as a result of illness and incapacity suffered by a family member. We are asking everyone to help in recovery efforts by making a donation of $25.00, $50.00 or $100.00 or more. Thank you for your generous help!


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